About Us


Mobile Universe is not merely a publication. It is a link between the retailer and the entire supplier segment of the Telecom Industry, be it a manufacturer, service provider, importer of handsets, accessories, batteries / chargers, spare parts, software dongles, training institutes or any other participants in telecom trade. It is our endeavor to provide our readers, latest information about the developments in our industry. We take special care to include the retailers in remote areas of the country in our data so that they can be updated about the happenings of the industry. For this purpose, we have a special team of young boys who travel diverse places of India and personally visit telecom outlets & collect data for free delivery of MOBILE UNIVERSE, to these retailers. 

With more than half of its pages as non commercial, we place a lot of information for the retailers that can help in increasing their knowledge & income from their outlets. This includes hardware tips, software magic, secret codes, regular articles with mobile number series in India, telecom abbreviations, information about new apps for latest phones & many other informative columns. With our Archives page, readers can peep into the past of the cell phone industry. With the Concept phones section, we try to project images of the phones that are being developed in different parts of the world and may become a part of our life style in future. And most important part of the magazine are the 20 pages of Blue (Wholesalers) & Yellow (Retailers) listing that contains handpicked data of retailers as well as wholesalers from different parts of the country. 

With the few remaining pages in advertisements, we carry the brands and products of our patrons to thousands of outlets across hundreds of cities in India. This is how you can also promote your brand and products or find suppliers or manufacturers for products & services you desire